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2017 Season: The Attraction of Opposites

New Summer School: SONGCO LAB 2017

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The Song Company is Australia’s leading vocal ensemble, singing music of all times and places.  Since the dawn of history, the human voice and the act of singing have been intrinsically linked with storytelling and the acquisition of culture.  The Song Company belongs to a continent whose first peoples used songlines and vocal music to pass knowledge and culture from generation to generation, and is proud to continue that tradition, in a unique way, sharing music from across western and non-western art traditions.  From its beginnings in 1984 the ensemble’s schedule has grown to include a mix of national and international touring, a subscription series in cities across Australia, recording and broadcast projects, education activities, and special collaborative projects.  The Song Company’s repertoire covers vocal music from the 10th century to contemporary works, and is unique in its stylistic diversity.  The Company remains at the forefront of contemporary vocal music through an extensive commissioning program and collaborations with artists and composers of the highest calibre from around the world.  A longstanding commitment to education sees the ensemble perform regularly in schools throughout the country, including bringing music workshops to children in regional and remote areas.  In 2016 the award-winning British composer and conductor Antony Pitts was appointed Artistic Director.





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